What is a CELEBRANT?

Trisha Lewis (formerly known as Patricia Webster)

This website remains whilst undergoing the process of linking all my work under one 'umbrella' and under the name of Trisha Lewis.  My other website can be viewed here

A celebrant is an 'officiant' or perhaps in some cases 'master of ceremony' or 'facilitator'. A celebrant is not a minister and not a humanist - but in some ways carries out the same function.

The difference?  A celebrant will willingly embrace all or no faiths. A celebrant is only concerned with helping deliver a life event that suits the individuals involved - and that applies to all life events.  Your choice - your voice.  

I help with structure, timings, writing and then delivery on the day.

At the very heart of what a celebrant does is well- celebration! When planning an event such as a wedding, anniversary, baby naming, renewal of vows then celebration is an obvious ingredient. However a celebrant could help prepare and deliver an end of life event or funeral too. Does celebrate seem an odd word to use when planning a funeral? In a way it does. However when you think about the idea of celebrating life lived - well then it doesn't seem so odd. A professional celebrant places a lot of emphasis on LISTENING to couples, family, friends.. always recognising that each and every one of us is UNIQUE! A celebrant will not bring their own belief system into things - it isn't relevant. A celebrant is only interested in capturing the wishes and personalities of the individuals they are listening to or hearing about. So if religious content feels right it will be included - or if spiritual or secular readings or poems feel right - then a celebrant will help with those choices.... pastoral music to heavy metal or silence....your choice.

Wedding vows are never from a template any more than the words in a eulogy are.. each and every event IS UNIQUE!

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I work regularly with a number of Funeral Directors in Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne and Blandford as well as having a good working relationship with Bournemouth and Poole Crematoriums and the Woodland Burial Sites in Colehill and Hinton.  I have also worked with Yeovil, Salisbury and Basingstoke Crematoriums.

I have conducted weddings and renewal of vows ceremonies in private homes and gardens as well as Hotels and Pubs across Dorset.

Explore this website for more information on how I can help you with a life event.  A funeral, a memorial, a scattering, a wedding, a renewal of vows - commitment celebration....  or something I might not even have thought of yet...  I listen - you talk.... we create a celebration that FEELS right

Happy to work with you directly or work with the funeral director or wedding planner of your choice.